All these problems are due to lack of blood

Anemia is the cause of 80% of many health problems like body aches, speech problems, fatigue, hair loss and muscle problems. We choose different types of treatments for different types of diseases, like hair loss etc., we use hair oils and beauty products according to this. But whatever the right method is to do, the cause of this should be identified first and then the solutions and treatment methods should be chosen. From small children to the elderly today, anemia is more common.

Lack of appetite and extreme tiredness are the problems that many children have and the main reason for this is often lack of blood. PCOD is the most common disease in women. Hemoglobin test should be done. If it is 13.6 and above in men, then at least 13 to 15 is needed. Dry nails, discoloration of nails is also due to lack of blood. Also excessive hair loss. The main symptoms of blood deficiency are the appearance and dryness of the body. If you see a white color when you press the ends of the fingers.

this is due to the lack of blood. We can control the lack of blood and increase it through the correct diet. We get folic acid and vitamin B12 through food. Eating cranberries and raisins also increases blood. It is also very good to eat leafy vegetables such as moringa leaves and spinach. When vegetables are eaten with tora.

if you add an egg along with it, it is very useful for increasing blood. Red meat and fish containing omega three are very good and should be included in the diet. It is very good to eat red beetroot and fruits like pomegranate are more effective. Anemia can be controlled by identifying the cause of anemia and then finding a solution and by making such changes in diet. To know more, just watch the video below.