Benefits and harms of drinking tea

It is said that tea is a drink that Malayalis cannot live without. The truth is that an average Malayali does not drink more than one or two teas a day. Due to the popularity of tea drinking, many varieties of tea are available today. There are pros and cons to drinking tea. By stimulating the nerves, the tea helps to feel refreshed.

That is why the headache is reduced. Tea helps to raise blood pressure in people with low blood pressure. Drinking tea helps reduce the hypoglycemic image to some extent and those with high blood sugar levels. The components in tea help maintain cholesterol levels. Tea helps smooth the contraction and expansion of our muscles.

It helps to increase the glow of the skin and increase the immunity. It helps to change the small wrinkles on our skin. That is why some elements are used externally. Due to its antioxidant properties, it helps reduce diseases like cancer to some extent. These are some of the benefits of drinking tea. But there is a downside to drinking too much tea. There is no problem if you drink tea two or three times a day, but those who drink tea seven or eight times a day should pay attention to some things.

Drinking too much tea increases the amount of tan in our body. It increases the amount of iron in our body. Drink tea with meals rather than during breaks to avoid absorbing the iron content of food. will cause Those who drink tea after 6 pm are found to be less sleepy. If you drink too much tea, the molasses in the tea will also increase our eye irritation. When we urinate frequently, many of the necessary elements in our body are expelled. Drinking tea on an empty stomach can lead to stains on the teeth, periodontal disease, etc. Problems arise when there is too much. Watch the video below to learn more.