Do you get muscle cramps at night? This is the reason. The tension can be changed like this

Muscle cramps are something that all of us have experienced. Although it is said to be more common in women, it is also seen in men. Muscles are contracting and expanding. Muscle spasm is when we sleep or when we are sick or in some cases the muscles relax but do not recover. As soon as the pain occurs, standing up and massaging it only relieves it.

This is mostly seen in the muscle in the fat part of the leg. If the leg is far from the thigh, it will affect the back of the middle when turning suddenly. Stomach can also be. Vitamins and minerals are needed for muscle development and contraction. Vitamin D is essential. We get vitamin D from morning to afternoon sun exposure.

And the reason for muscle cramps is due to the electrolyte balance in our body when we exercise in the sun. Then when you don’t drink enough water, you will get cramps like this. If you don’t exercise and suddenly exercise one day, the muscle may not have relaxed enough until then and suddenly it will cause muscle cramps. This can be done for those who work continuously standing or sitting. This can happen at night during long journeys. Occurs at night during pregnancy. This can happen before menstruation.

This happens when there are problems like cholesterol thyroid. Even though proper blood flow has not come to the legs, it can be like this. Such problems are often caused by things like drinking alcohol and smoking. The first thing to do when a muscle spasm occurs is to relax. We can get rid of cochlear cramps to a certain extent if we massage slowly without hitting the tension. More solutions are given in the video below.