Don’t apply oil on your head.. This secret you don’t know

Many people have the habit of applying oil to the head. Those who are in the habit of applying oil on their head have a lot of difficulties when avoiding it, especially because the head feels dry, so not everyone is ready to change the habit of applying oil on the head. There are some problems due to applying oil on the head.

Many people know that those who regularly rub oil on their heads may sweat excessively, have ENT problems, have phlegm, runny nose, allergic sneezing problems. Those who apply oil on their head should apply oil on their head an hour or half an hour before taking a bath and wash it completely with shampoo or soap while taking a bath.

A small amount of oil on the rest of the body apart from the hair is good as it can help prevent dehydration which is the cause of many problems these days. Drink plenty of water. If the body is oily it can also help prevent hydration without drinking more water. Moreover, applying a lot of oil on the head can cause many allergies.

You can get the same type of medicine from anywhere to treat allergies. Many people know that in order to avoid allergies, it is necessary to find out what the allergens are that cause allergies and to avoid them completely. This is also something to understand. Watch the video below to know more.