How to fix calcium deficiency

Many problems occur in our body due to lack of calcium. Calcium deficiency causes tooth decay. The main symptom of tooth decay is loss of tooth enamel. Tooth decay, cracked nails, muscle spasms, inability to concentrate, and BP variation are all due to calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency does not appear in the blood, but there are problems due to calcium deficiency. This is because it doesn’t matter if you only get calcium in your body or if you only eat calcium-rich foods.

Vitamin D and magnesium are equally needed to reduce calcium deficiency. Hair loss and forgetfulness are mainly due to vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, vitamin D is very important in the body. Vitamin D is one of the things we get from sun exposure. Milk is rich in calcium. But milk is not for everyone. People with thyroid problems or milk intolerance cannot have milk. Those who cannot eat milk can eat milk products like curd, buttermilk and butter. Paneer and egg white are good sources of calcium.

Eating small fish with thorns also helps salsyam reach our body well. Foods like Muthari Mills are a good source of calcium. Clams, crabs, and prawns are good sources of calcium. Apart from calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are also required in equal amounts. Therefore, only if these three are consumed in the same amount, the problems caused by calcium deficiency will be completely solved. Watch the video below for detailed information.