If you eat it, you will not get rheumatism

Autonomic diseases are seen in many people today. What if our immune cells unrecognized and attacked the microbes we needed inside us, as well as others? Such a condition is called an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are on the rise these days. Autoimmune diseases appear in a variety of ways.

Thyroiditis occurs when it attacks the thyroid. Diseases like emphysema and psoriasis occur when the skin is affected. If the joints are affected, there are different types of arthritis. The key is to avoid foods that trigger autoimmune diseases. Minimize excessive consumption of foods such as maida rava course.

Foods high in these may increase the risk of developing autoimmune diseases. Rice meals, cashew nuts and sunflower oil meal sequence. Because it contains Omega 6. Instead, include plenty of omega-3 rich foods in your diet. It is abundant in fish such as herring and herring.

Eating just enough food, reducing overeating, reducing foods that contain a lot of preservatives, and reducing bakery items or spicy items will help to completely prevent this type of autoimmune disease. One thing is to recognize and know the level of hormones in our body and give it the right kind of food and know what foods we need and give them precisely. Eat exactly these types of foods and go with proper immunity. Watch the video below for more information.