No hair on your head? Is there a gap? This paste can be scientifically made at home to completely change hair growth.

Hair breakage and hair fall is a major problem for many people. Although many treatments are done for this, often the results do not last for some time. A common problem is having hair on the head, but hair on the head is seen as a gap. You can change this and learn a technique to grow hair well on your head.

It is a very effective and hassle-free hair care. First we need small onions to make this. Small onion is an ingredient with many benefits. Take about 20-30 small onions and wash them well. Then peel it and take it in a mixer jar. Grind it well. It should be ground into a fine paste and no water should be used.

Next is the castor bean. Take four or five tablespoons of this and pour it into it. Heat both these well. While heating you will see the ravakanna mix well with the onion and the oil will rise to the top. Then take it and keep it. Take three table spoon of flat seed in another newspaper.

Then pour half a cup of water in it and heat it. After doing this for 5 minutes, the gel will separate. Then strain it and keep it aside. After heating it, pour the mixture prepared earlier. Then mix it well. Then add vitamin E capsule to it. Two will be enough. Then it can be mixed and stored. Can be used two or three times a week. Just before applying on the head, leave it on for a while and then apply. Watch the video below to know more.