These are the symptoms of anemia. Now you can easily understand if there is blood deficiency

Anemia is one of the most pressing problems today, from children to the elderly. Anemia can cause various complications. Dizziness on getting up from a sitting position, slight ringing in the ears, loss of appetite and feeling like vomiting are the main symptoms of anemia. If the tips of the fingers appear white when pressed, this is due to lack of blood.

It is possible to recognize these symptoms and check whether we ourselves are deficient in the same. PCOD is the most common disease in women. Anemia is the main problem seen by most people with PCT. Anemia can occur if our diet lacks essential elements such as iron and vitamins. Dry nails are often caused by a lack of blood.

In addition, excessive hair loss and body dryness are the main symptoms of anemia. Even if there are problems such as heaviness in the chest while climbing the steps, the hemoglobin test should be checked. Men need at least 13 to 15 if they are 13.6 or above. Women need a little more during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We can increase the deficiency to some extent through diet. It is mandatory to give ragi immediately after about six months of age in children. Ragi contains a lot of iron. Eating pomegranate, papaya, dates etc.

is also very good for increasing blood. Eating lots of vegetables like beetroot and carrots are also foods that can help increase your intake. We also get iron by including leafy greens like spinach in our diet. We can correct anemia by recognizing the symptoms and doing tests and including foods rich in iron in our diet. To know more, watch the video below.