This is the trick that film actresses use to make their face glow

We look for many ways to whiten our face, remove spots on our face and make our face glow. There is a good home remedy that can help you get a glowing face and get rid of facial wrinkles. Only two things are required for this. Potatoes and coffee grounds. With these two items we can make our kit to enhance the beauty of the face.

How to make this is easy. Peel the potatoes cleanly and cut them into four pieces. Then take a piece and sprinkle coffee powder on top of it. Lightly sprinkle the ground coffee powder over the potatoes. Coffee powder on any part of the potato is sufficient. If we take only half a spoonful of coffee powder, we can make the necessary medicine once.

Similarly, only one piece of potato is enough for a time. Next, take a potato sprinkled with coffee powder and rub it well on your face. Rub well. The juice of the potato should come out and be rubbed into the coffee powder in such a way that it mixes like water. After scrubbing it for a while, wash it off. It can be washed off quickly after leaving it for some time.

Visible results can be seen in the very first use. Do this at least three times a week. This will give you better results than applying many face creams and chemicals on your face. By doing this it is possible to change the complexion and give color to the face. Undoubtedly, it is a very beneficial method because there are no other side effects, the nutrients contained in potatoes and coffee powder are good for the body. If you want to know more, watch the video below.