To prevent sudden bone fractures Eat this food.

Due to the loss of strength of our bones, there is a situation where we are prone to injuries. The reason I am so strong is that when we fall, we quickly get injured. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones lack strength. It is usually seen in the elderly but nowadays it is also seen in young people. It is usually caused by lifestyle.

This is because back pain occurs while doing non-stressful work and bones break even with small falls.Around the age of 30, we eat the foods we need to keep our bones strong. After this, when we do not eat or get these types of foods, our bones break or feel pain. Calcium and Phosphorus help our body to strengthen bones.

Osteoporosis is often diagnosed when tests are done. Therefore, even when we are young, we should take care to eat properly. These kinds of difficulties are also commonly seen in people who are overweight. Hypothyroidism, we can also have these kinds of difficulties by taking certain medicines regularly. And alcoholism and smoking are other major causes. We have the possibility of getting it through some genetic diseases. The most important thing that we need to pay attention to is that our body should get enough calcium.

Decreasing the amount of calcium makes us prone to problems and diseases. The presence of vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. We get vitamin D by sunbathing. This is why impotence also occurs due to vitamin D deficiency. Eat plenty of foods rich in calcium and phosphorus and take care to get sun exposure. Watch the video below to know more.