Uric acid will no longer be a problem. You can change it yourself

The problem of uric acid is seen in many people today. The syrup uric acid test is a test that many people ask for when they get tested. Uric acid is a waste product. Normally, uric acid is not a problem. It is excreted by the kidneys. Joint pain is a problem caused by excess uric acid. One of them is pain in the big toe.

Uric acid in the blood increases due to an increase in the amino acid purine. It mainly reaches the body by eating foods rich in it. Elevation of uric acid is mainly caused by alcohol consumption. It is mostly found in alcohol such as beer, vodka and whiskey. Another thing is that if there is more red meat in our diet, uric acid is more likely to occur.

There is one thing that many people don’t know. There is one thing that many people don’t know. High cross fructose syrup, a substance used to sweeten things like cola, is what causes us to increase uric acid. There are things that can help lower uric acid. Apple cider vinegar is a good example of that. A spoonful of it will help reduce uric acid.

People with acidity should not try this. Another is olive oils. It is good to use. Also pay attention to reducing obesity and reducing diabetes. It is better to keep uric acid below 6. By doing these things we can reduce uric acid. If the uric acid does not decrease by doing these, it is necessary to seek the help of medicines. Watch the video below to know more about it.