Blisters in the ovary. Be aware of PCOD symptoms

PCOD is one of the most common problems among older women today. Symptoms of PCOD include irregular periods. It is important to know the reason for this. It is known that proper menstrual cycle takes place through the balanced action of hormones. But if menstruation does not take place in such a proper way, it is shown that the amount of androgen in the body increases in such situations. Androgen is a male hormone. This causes immature or half-grown ovum to appear as blisters on the ovary.

It leads to irregular periods as well as infertility. PCOD should be suspected when the menstrual cycle is irregular. Symptoms include black discoloration around the neck, excessive acne breakouts, excessive hair growth and a difference in voice. One of the main causes of PCOD is elevated insulin levels. Tradition is also a factor in this. A changing diet is also a cause of PCOD. Its main symptoms are irregular menstrual periods, excessive bleeding or no bleeding at all, black hair on the back of the neck, hair loss, and pimples.

Infertility, uterine bleeding and type 2 diabetes are more likely. Those who have problems like this are likely to come. Changing our diet in the right way can help prevent this and prevent PCOD. The main thing to pay attention to is to reduce the amount of rice. Avoid processed foods, bakery items, foods high in salt, and foods high in oil.

Include more leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. One problem seen in people with PCOD is hypertension. These types of psychological problems are also caused by PCOD. Exercising for a while every day is essential. Watch the video below to learn more.