Eating oatmeal everyday doesn’t reduce sugar?! Because this is how oats should be eaten.

We are very health conscious and therefore eat healthy foods. As such, oats are one of the most important foods we eat for health. If consumed, sugar can be reduced to reduce blood pressure. It is necessary to know how to eat oats and also to know which are the best types of oats. 100 grams of oats have 33% protein, 66% carbohydrates and 45% fibers.

Having so much protein will control our fat metabolism. Due to its good amount of fibres, the stomach will feel full immediately and hence the amount of food intake will be reduced which is very beneficial for diabetic patients. It is good for dieters and those who want to lose weight as it fills up the stomach quickly.

Moreover, due to the high amount of fiber, the digestive process will not only go well, but the people who eat it will have less constipation. Not only this, oats also contain iron, zinc and calcium. Due to its high calcium content, oats are also good for reversing problems such as osteoporosis, which affects the bones. Oats are also good for skin health. It is also used externally. Mixing oats and curd to form a paste and applying it on the skin is good for reducing acne. Replace instant oats with whole grain.

rolled oats or steel cut oats. Moreover, if the instant course is made in water, its glycemic index is 83 and in milk it is 93. But if he eats it as salted flour then the glycemic index comes to 55. Oatmeal is best eaten as a putty. And another is Otma Milk. This is something that is seen more and more today. If you give it by eating it, you won’t get any better. Eating oats in different ways does not necessarily lower blood pressure, but be aware of how you eat them. Watch the video below to learn more.