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Most of the people are facing various difficulties due to mouth ulcers. There are very few people who don’t get a cold sore at least once. Cold sores are more common in people who are hot. Our body is in this state through our work and activities, which often causes cold sores. Such difficulties are seen in those who eat too much spicy food and those who do not sleep properly. Sores on the tongue and lips, small wounds in the mouth, and red swelling are common problems in people with satena.

There are usually two types of canker sores. One of them is the canker sore. If this type of canker sore is present, white or yellow spots can be felt around the mouth and lips. It is mostly seen on the lips and cheeks. This mostly comes from the foods we eat that are high in spicy foods. Another is cold sore which can look like blisters. It is usually found inside the mouth or on the outside of the lip. This causes pain and stretching when eating. Due to mouth sores there is difficulty in drinking water, talking and eating.

In case of cold sore mouth sores, it is more likely to spread from one person to another. One should be careful while drinking water, eating food and using towels. People who have mental stress and tension are seen to get ulcers. People who use some pastes and mouth washes are likely to get ulcers. To eliminate all these problems, only Tulsi leaves in our homes are enough. Tulsi is a herb with many medicinal properties. Chewing Tulsi leaves on an empty stomach in the morning is very good. By using this, we will definitely have positive changes. Try this very effective easy way. To know more, just watch the video below.