If you see these symptoms, make sure it is due to vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is the main cause of many diseases that we have. We get vitamin D from sunlight and through the food we eat. Today, we get very little sunlight. Even if we stay in the sunlight for about half an hour, our body gets only 5% of what it needs. Therefore, the amount of vitamin D that our body needs will definitely be less.

Vitamin D deficiency is more common in young children today. Because children do not go outside to play or sunbathe, but use computer games and mobile phones. Our body needs about 12,000 units of vitamin D a day. Due to the lack of vitamin D, even cardiovascular diseases can occur. The lack of vitamin D causes a decrease in immunity and the occurrence.

of various types of viral diseases. When cholesterol in our body decreases and the liver has problems, this vitamin decreases. In addition, we also have a decrease in vitamin D due to reasons such as tension and mental stress. Therefore, if people have excessive tension and mental stress, by controlling this, vitamin D deficiency can be controlled.

Along with vitamin D, we need vitamin F. Many bodily problems are caused by an imbalance between the two. Lack of vitamin D is the cause of many problems like hair loss, memory loss, reduced immunity, digestive problems, excessive fatigue, lethargy, muscle gain. We can get vitamin D from milk, ghee and many vegetables. We can increase vitamin D through this diet and exposure to sunlight. Watch the video below to know more.