This oil can be prepared to darken hair and promote hair growth.

We look for different ways to blacken our hair and many people try to make their own hair blackening at home but often these are more laborious and time consuming. And it is often not found to be an effective method. But you can make a hair dye that you can easily make at home. For this, first pour a cup of water and boil it and put a tablespoon of tea powder in it.

Boil it and cut it in half. Then take an iron kettle. Add two tablespoons of neelayari powder and one tablespoon of henna to it. Then mix it well and mix the lumpy stuff well. After that, pour the water with tea powder that we have prepared earlier little by little. Mix well with water while pouring to get a fine paste. Then cover the saucepan.

It should be used the next day. Next day you will get it in good black color. Then it can be applied to hair and music. It is certain that if you apply it, you will get good results. If it is left over, we can store it for later use. There is also a good home remedy for hair loss and hair health. For this, take some neem leaves and add some fenugreek seeds to it and grind it well.

After that, we need to take some coconut oil, we need to take good pure coconut oil, boil it and add the ground powder to it. Mixing it well and using that oil will help our hair to grow well and prevent hair loss. Watch the video below to learn more.