Use the paste to whiten your hands and feet

Usually the arms and legs are blackened more than the face. This could be due to more sun killing etc. Not only that, it also causes many scars. We can remove these stains from home. What we need is a regular paste at home. Take a teaspoon of paste in a bowl and then take a quarter tomato and squeeze it well into the paste.

It can also be used as a juice by squeezing it with your hands and adding the juice to it. Also, you can take half a lemon in it and dip it in it and scrub it all over your hands and feet. It is not good to apply it on your face. You can dip it in a mixture of lemon paste and tomato and rub it on your hands, neck and legs.

By doing this it is possible to increase the color of the hands and feet and to be very soft. Massage it well for five minutes and then wash it off. Dark spots on our body occur due to exposure to sunlight and smoke. It is highly recommended to choose this method to completely remove the black spots caused by this.

It is also an easy method that everyone can make and use on their own. Since no other chemicals are added to it, its use does not cause any other problems or side effects in the limbs. After just one use, we can see the black spots and dryness softening. Watch the video below to know more.