Varicose Vein Things You Didn’t Know and Should Know

Varicose veins are common in many people today. Varicose veins usually occur in the legs. You can see that the veins are thickened and tangled. This is the varicose vein. How it is made is that it lies in the veins from many parts of our body without going to the heart. This is due to the reduced elasticity of the vanes. For one reason or another.

when the blood goes to the heart like this, it gets blocked in certain valves so that it doesn’t get stuck in the pencil itself. Varicose veins occur when these valves do not function properly. In some people it can be painful or not. The first thing that makes varicose veins more complicated than varicose veins is the ulceration of the varicose vein and the resulting varicose.

ulcer. This causes the blood coat of the skin to build up and it can spread to other organs and cause serious problems. What can be done to fix this is important. The important thing is to adjust our diet. Eat citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Eat bananas and onions that are rich in vitamin K. Avoid milk and dairy products.

Cutting down on junk foods and foods high in salt and sugar is a good idea. This usually happens to people who work after sitting for a long time, or standing for a long time. When this happens, it is good to get up and walk. Elevating your legs while sleeping can help improve blood flow. Doing reverse massage things is good. Cabbage waste applied to the legs can help prevent blood clots. Pay attention to things like that. Watch the video below for more information.