You can boost your heart health by following these 5 things. 5 things to do to avoid heart attack

Many people are facing heart problems these days. Things we need to know to protect heart health. What is a heart block? In short, it is an injury to a blood vessel due to its ripening. Things to know are the reasons why the injury occurs. BP or blood pressure. The first thing to do to lower blood pressure is to reduce your salt intake.

A squeeze of lemon or black pepper powder can be used for taste. Another thing is to let the blood vessels relax. For this, juice both pomegranate and beetroot and drink it. Enlarginin, a nutrient, helps relax blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Another problem is diabetes. High levels of sugar in the blood can also cause damage to cells.

The best thing you can do to reduce diabetes is to reduce the amount of sugar you get from your diet. Carbohydrates are what we unknowingly take in because they contain a lot of sugar. Another is an increase in the triglyceride factor in the blood. This is largely due to the amount of sugar in the food we eat. Against this, millet, new grains and other grains should be eaten. Another is that the amount of nicotine in the blood is increased because more nicotine comes from smoking. Another is Hyper Homo Sixty.

It is a common waste product that comes out of our normal activities. Vitamin B12 helps remove it from the blood. Vitamin b12 intake is very low today. Because vitamin B12 is produced in insects. How we got it is that grass-fed grass contains insects, and milk from grass-fed cows contains it. Organic and free-range cows do not graze on grass, so their milk may not contain this. These are the things we should pay attention to. Watch the video below to know more.