A good henna can be prepared to darken gray hair. Panikoorka and this flower are enough

Everyone thinks that hair is another facet of beauty. Gray hair causes a lot of trouble to people. But we use many oils, treatments and short cuts to make hair black. But using these to give a good change is not possible and often this type of hair contains chemicals and causes other damage to the hair.

Take enough sage leaves and wash them thoroughly and wash them along with panikurka leaves and curry leaves. Curry leaves help to give black hair and prevent hair fall. Then boil a cup of water and add some tea powder to it and reduce it to half a glass. Grind the Panikurk to a fine paste in the mixer.

Next, take a saucepan and add two teaspoons of blackcurrant powder and henna powder to it and heat it. When the color changes, pour a little of the grated paste into it. Mix everything well until it becomes a dye. When the color changes, we can put it aside. It should be rubbed on the head the next day.

We can apply it on the head, hair, mustache and trunk. After one or two hours, we can wash it off with water. This is a dye that can be easily made in less time and we can use it ourselves. You can see a good change in this dye after just one use. It is very good to use this hair dye to turn gray hair black. To know more, watch the video below.