Bad cholesterol can be completely eliminated. If you do this..

Cholesterol is one of the most common lifestyle diseases today. But cholesterol is not something we don’t need. We need cholesterol for cell function and more. There are two types of cholesterol. In this, good cholesterol is what our body needs and bad cholesterol is not. Lipid cholesterol test is the main test to check if cholesterol is present.

During this test, total cholesterol should be below 200, triglycerides below 150, below 130, HDL below 60, and BDL 2mbb LDL below 25. The main cause of cholesterol build-up is because we eat too much food without paying attention. High intake of oily foods and fast foods, mainly red meat, causes high cholesterol. Excessive drinking and smoking are the main causes. If the triglyceride level is up to 200, we can change it through food. By making small changes to what we usually eat, we can reduce excess fat in the blood.

\It is better to eat as little rice as possible instead of rice with bran. If you have cholesterol, you should reduce the amount of rice you eat in the morning. Eating egg white in the morning is very good for health. It is very good to eat a cup of chickpeas or chickpeas with or without sprouts. It is better to eat steamed foods. Use of dairy products should be as little as possible such as buttermilk. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are good. It is also better to reduce the consumption of shell fish such as crab.

shrimp and shellfish. Cut down on sugary sweets, oil bars and other junk foods. It is very good to have proper exercise in the lifestyle along with the diet. Most of the diseases in our body can be controlled by exercising. Make it a habit to exercise at least five days a week. By making these lifestyle changes, cholesterol can be reduced. Watch the video below to learn more.