Consume one spoon daily to control diabetes

Lifestyle diseases are increasing day by day in more and more people. Today most of the people have various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure. The main reason for this is lifestyle and wrong diet. The main reason for this is the starchy rice we eat. Normally, on an average, we should consume 50 to 60 percent of starch in a day, but today we consume 80 to 85 percent of starch. So by making dietary adjustments and changes, we can control diseases like diabetes.

Diabetes is classified into three types, type one type to type three. Type 1 is more common in young children due to reduced production due to lack of insulin. The main symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, excessive hunger, and excessive urination. Also, seeing dry wrinkles and red color on the body are all symptoms. It is mandatory to recognize these symptoms and take tests. Eating excess carbohydrate-rich foods is the main cause of diabetes. Eating starchy foods such as rice and fast food can lead to these lifestyle diseases.

We can also get diabetes by tradition. If one of the parents has sugar, there is a possibility that this will come to us, and if there is someone like this, we should take precautions and get tested. This causes other diseases like fatty liver. We should choose the right exercise method. Today, most people in the society work sitting and do not move their limbs. This causes many diseases. Therefore, we can control diabetes to some extent by identifying the symptoms and taking tests through proper diet and exercise. To know more, just watch the video below.