Fly infestation can be removed in two days

Small flies can be found on fruits and vegetables. Coming often becomes a nuisance. It is a big problem that especially the fruit that is closed will get old quickly and when it is kept open, flies will come like this. Therefore, it is essential to take preventive measures. For this first take an apple cider vinegar. A spoon is enough.

Transfer the extracted vinegar to a small newspaper. A plastic container holding 100 – 200 ml is sufficient. Then pour into this and then what we need is dishwashing liquid. Pour two or three drops of this into it. Too much vinegar will not be successful in attracting flies as it will replace the smell of dish wash.

Then take a plastic cover. This is to cover the top of the bowl and take a larger one to cover it. Then tie it at the top of the bowl with a rubber band. After that make a small hole above it. Make it a little bigger so that the fly can get through. After that you can easily attract flies by placing it in the home where flies come in or in a corner of the kitchen.

It cannot be used to repel large flies or other insects. But it can be used to completely eliminate small fly infestations such as gnats, houseflies, and biting flies. It can be easily made. Flea infestation can be completely removed in two days. Watch the video to know more.