Just make it in black tea to turn gray hair black

There is no one who does not want to turn gray hair to black. From young people to old people, gray hair is seen. Various oils and dyes are used to turn gray hair black. But most of these do not give us proper changes and cause other damage to our hair and scalp. The more oils and chemicals it contains, the more problems it causes to our hair.

But we can easily blacken our hair from our own homes. We don’t need any other materials, just what we have in our homes. For this, after taking a glass of water in a bowl, when it shines well, put some tea powder in it and put a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in it and boil it well. . Fenugreek is very useful for hair.

It is very good to use fenugreek for hair growth, hair dandruff removal and hair health. After boiling it well, reduce it to half a glass and pour it in another bowl. If we wash our head with this alone, it helps our hair to grow quickly. Now we take two teaspoons of henna powder in a cup. Pour black tea mixed with boiled fenugreek seeds into it.

Add the required amount of black tea and mix well to apply it on the head. We can apply it on the hair, mustache and trunk of the head. After an hour we can wash it off. Also take two teaspoons of Neelamari and add required amount of black tea to it and make a paste and keep it aside for five minutes. Then it can be applied on the head. By doing these two methods we can turn our gray hair into black hair. To know more, just watch the video below.