This is the real cause of hair loss. Eating this food can completely reverse hair fall.

Hair loss is increasing day by day in everyone today. Lysine is the component that makes our hair. So, when we have hair loss, we need a component called Lison. Hair loss is caused by lysine deficiency. We can increase this by eating foods rich in lysine. Redmeat contains the most lysine. So be careful to include meat and eggs like redmeat in your diet.

If you eat about 150 to 200 grams of redmeat a day, there will be no decrease in lysine. Lysine also helps to increase iron in our body. We can only be healthy if we have the necessary nutrients inside our stomach. Hair loss is often caused not by hair problems, but by the problems of many organs in our body.

The solution to hair loss is not hair, but we need to know other causes in the body. Mainly viral problems cause hair loss to some extent. IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes hair loss. These types of problems are usually caused by fungal overgrowth in the stomach. A lot like probiotics are good. By eating these foods for stomach health.

hair gets good health and beauty. Yogurt is a good probiotic. So include curd in your diet It is very good to add a cup of curd with your meal every afternoon. Another is glycine which we get naturally from seeds like pumpkin seeds. Pay attention to these things. Understand that any type of shampoo that is good for hair health, along with our stomach problems can also affect hair health. Watch the video below to learn more.