What you need to know about back pain.

Back pain is a problem that most people experience. Back pain can be divided into three main types. Acute back pain, sub-acute back pain, chronic back pain. Acute back pain is back pain that lasts up to three weeks, and sub-acute back pain is back pain that lasts from three weeks to three months. Chronic back pain is back pain that lasts for more than three months.

Treatments for acute back pain are often variable. Some people have the possibility of chronic back pain. Then they should seek medical help. If back pain is accompanied by any warning sign, then you should seek medical help immediately. Sudden high fever and back pain that does not subside despite the use of pain killers should seek medical help.

immediately. Sometimes the symptoms are different. Abdominal pain that occurs suddenly when there is something like final calculi kidney stone. Although symptoms vary, back pain does not get better with treatment. 70% of back pain is due to mechanical problems. This problem occurs if the weight is taken suddenly without proper method.

if the washing is done in the washing machine, if there is no habit of washing, if the laundry is done suddenly one day more. Another situation is when there is a pressure variation while trying to adjust the seat by putting on the seat belt while driving. There are other conditions that can cause back pain. Watch the video below to know more.